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_UFOThe term UFO is an abbreviation for Unidentified Flying Object. UFOs are defined as any unknown thing seen in the sky. Sightings of strange objects in the sky have been recorded for thousands of years. A manuscript from ancient Egypt mentions “foul smelling circles of fire and discs in the sky.” Writers from ancient Rome recorded such strange sights as “glowing shields.”

In modern times, most mysterious objects are eventually identified as weather balloons, glowing bubbles of gas, or other common objects. A few  others, despite careful investigation, remain unexplained. Some of the most intriguing occurred in a single year, 1947.

During World War II (1939-1945), fighter pilots often reported seeing unidentified glowing shapes in the sky. Both sides in the war reported such sightings. At first, each side thought the unexplained objects were new weapons made by the other side. Eventually they realized that the objects, often called “Foo Fighters,” were a mystery to both sides. Both the British and the Germans set up separate committees to investigate the sightings.

In the late 1940s, the “flying saucer” era began. In 1947, a businessman and private pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine silvery objects in the sky near Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington. They flew in an organized line, like military aircraft, but they didn’t look like any aircraft Arnold had ever seen. They had extremely long wings and no tails, and they flew incredibly fast.Roswell_UFO_Museum_(5527823449)

Arnold’s report inspired many other people to say they had seen similar things. Previously, anyone who reported such a phenomenon was considered to be a liar, or at least to be mistaken. Arnold was educated, respected and an amateur pilot. The objects he saw had also been seen by other people in the area at the same time. Reports of Arnold’s sighting made a new term, “flying saucer,” part of the English language. Authorities soon received so many reports of odd lights in the sky that the United States Air Force decided to set up a committee, called Project Blue Book, to investigate them. Investigators for Project Blue Book invented the term “Unidentified Flying Object.”

Perhaps the most famous UFO case in US history, the Roswell crash, also occurred in 1947. In early July, something crashed onto a sheep ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. All the pieces of the fallen object were collected by Air Force personnel stationed at Roswell Army Air Field. Later in the day, an intelligence officer at the base reported to the press that the remains of a “flying disc” had been recovered.

Strangely, a few days after the first press release, the commanding general of the 8th Air Force in Dallas, Texas, issued another statement, this time saying that the remains were really from a common weather balloon. This retraction caused a lot of controversy. Reputable eyewitnesses claimed to have seen many items made of strange materials. Some people at Roswell even claimed to have seen bodies of creatures unlike any living thing on Earth. The Air Force reports claimed that these “bodies” were really dummies sent aloft with the experimental balloon that crashed at Roswell.Atacama-Humanoid-ftr

Rumors about the Roswell crash continue to circulate even today. Many people think the US government is hiding the truth of what was collected from the 1947 Roswell crash and similar incidents. Thanks to the 1947 crash, the town of Roswell has become a tourist destination.

Evidence for flying saucers is still surfacing. Recently, the press has reported on multiple mysterious “crop circles” which are seen as evidence of UFOs. Countries from England to Poland to Canada have reported finding strange, geometrically advanced patterns of flattened field crops. These discoveries often coincide with reports of UFO sightings or unusual lights in the sky. Would the force of a landing flying saucer make circles like those found in the crop fields?


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